About Us


How We Work 

As a participant of Café de la Culture, you will join in a social renaissance, engaging in meaningful discourse with peers and experts from a variety of fields and backgrounds, while building constructive collaborations which bring forth understanding, new ideas and grass-roots social change.


What We Do

We promote gender equality, diversity and social change.

Join us for a powerful evening of thought-provoking theater performance, followed by a diverse conference panel with interactive audience Q & A.

You too can ask questions!

How We Make An Impact 

Education: Inspiring through world class performance, expert panel discussions, conversation and community building with advocacy for women's voices, diversity and social change.

Community Building: Creating an inclusive, dynamic population of visionaries to exchange timely ideas. Facilitating the engagement of meaningful discourse which brings forth understanding, new vision.


We promote women’s voices, art and community conversations. We believe there is strength in diversity and we believe that men can be allies.


Our Mission

We bring live performances, and meaningful conversations to audiences hungry to create and incubate vital ideas and new vision. We work with luminary thinkers and creators, community by community, to inform, inspire and transform those ideas into action. 

Join us for a powerful evening of thought-provoking theater performance, followed by a diverse conference panel with interactive audience Q & A.

Our Goal

We want to inspire women of all colors and generations to rise up and have a voice in all social and political spheres. We want to invite audiences of women, men, and LGBTQ to gather and engage in meaningful community conversations around the world which focus on gender equality and the collaborative design of new social paradigms and vision.


 We believe that art and deep understanding have the power to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.


Where We Are Going

We aim to produce and license 50 multimedia #MeToo multimedia performances and panel discussions nationwide by 2020, then expand internationally.

Our Growth Timeline

2018 National & 6 US Cities     2019 National & 16 US Cities   2020 Global & 26 US Cities


Our Sponsors

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Director/Producer Biography

Cara Cruickshank is a Brazilian/American living in France. As a woman living in 3 cultures, she has a first-hand, intersectional view on cross-cultural themes relevant to modern women. She began her professional career in theatre at age 10 on Broadway in the musical Les Misérables, along with multiple singing performances at The United Nations General Assembly. She has independently produced, directed and choreographed over 60 independent productions in the U.S. and abroad (including Turkey, France and Brazil), focused on diversity and women's empowerment. Her performances have been consistently celebrity and media acclaimed. Cara founded Café de la Culture in 2011 to promote diversity, arts and community conversations. She recently showcased her original, ensemble theater play, The Alchemy of Imperfection, in Paris, France with standing ovations, encores and media acclaim. Since then, she has toured this multimedia production across the U.S., alongside a panel discussion on the topic: “Courageous Vulnerability: How Can Men Support Women to Speak Up and Be Seen?” in honor of #MeToo and #TimesUp.  Each event is locally cast and curated with artists, activists, academics and experts from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.  Launching with sold-out performances in Los Angeles and Boulder, the event has most recently been presented in Denver, San Francisco and Portland with rave audience reviews. Cafe de la Culture is now booking performances nationally in the U.S. for the coming seasons.

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Cara Cruickshank


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